About Us
iTeamz brings the power of mobile to sports. Whether you are a coach, manager, parent , fan or player you will feel the power of mobile computing applied to the world of sports.
Website Portal:
Mangers/coaches enter team information once and update accordingly with an easy to use website and all members receive the updates in real-time. No more sending continuous emails and making phone calls to make sure everyone knows what is going on with the team. Need to send an alert to the team about a venue/time change or team lunch, enter the message and with one click everyone is notified.
Powerful Mobile App:
Parents, players and fans have all the teams information in an easy to use app that is with them everywhere they go.
  • Track rosters, schedules, practices, results, contact information and much more.
  • Send broadcast alerts
  • Communicate with parents, manager, coach and players
  • Driving directions
  • Rink website links