What is iTeamz?
iTeamz brings the power of mobile to youth sports. Imagine the power of having everything you need to know about your team right on your phone including game schedules, scores, driving directions, and more. It streamlines communication and truly organizes everything a team needs in a convenient free mobile app.

What does it cost?
iTeamz is completely free. Set up an account and start entering your team’s information, then we’ll take care of building your custom app. There is no charge for having your team’s app created or downloaded, although we do show ads from time to time.

We also offer free training webinars and walkthroughs to help coaches and managers get comfortable with iTeamz.

Are there any monthly or yearly fees?
We also offer free training webinars and walkthroughs to help coaches and managers get comfortable with iTeamz.

What are the steps to getting started with a custom ‘branded’ app for your organization?
Create an account on our website and begin entering your team or organization's information. Then use our simple Contact Form (link here) to let us know you would like a free app for your organization. We'll be in contact to get artwork, basic details, and assign an organization owner. The development process comes next and your app is ready to go in as little as two weeks!

Once your app is complete and available in the App Stores, you can begin creating additional teams and assign coaches or managers. For example, some community soccer clubs can have up to 20 teams or more. iTeamz allows you to designate who is the manager for each team, so only they can make changes.

The last setup step for coaches and managers is adding in your team’s information. This included rosters, schedules, and much more.

Finally, we'll send you an announcement email with easy download links so you can let everyone know where to get your team's free mobile app!

See everything you can change, add, or manage on our Mobile Application page here.

How do I join my team’s app?
Once you have the app installed, send an in-app request to the team manager. As soon as they approve your request you’ll be able to access the app. We value all our teams’ privacy, and for that reason, you need permission to join a team on the app.

What mobile platforms are supported?
iOS (iPhone, iPad and iTouch), Android and Windows Phone.

Is our team info private?
Yes. In order to gain access to team data, you must have a username and password. You also must have been granted access by the team manager or coach. This way only people affiliated with the team have permission to view the content. Privacy Policy

How do I access the online web portal to update information?
Simply login using your username and password through the iTeamz website. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up here.

Can multiple coaches/manager have access to the web portal?
Yes, but they need to be granted permission by the coach or organization manager.

What does the organization's "Owner" do?
Each organization has an assigned owner. This person is the top-level administrator for your app. They can create new teams within the organization, and manage all team information including assigning manages and coaches.

I’m a coach and have questions on how to use the web portal or app. Where can I find help?
Contact us here if you have any questions or would like to schedule a training webinar or walkthrough.

I’m an advertiser and would like some more information. Do you have an advertising kit?
Contact us here or head to our advertisers page for more details.