The innovative iTeamz web portal is one half of your team’s custom mobile solution. Think of it as the management center for your team’s mobile app. This is where all information is added and updated, before being sent to all the users' smartphone.

You can easily access it anywhere by creating an account and logging in on our website. From there, you can simply add practices, games, team notifications, and much more. We’ve designed the portal to make it easy for you to update the whole team quickly through the mobile app.

Managers and coaches enter team information once and update it throughout the season. All team members and users of the app then receive the updates in real-time. Only coaches and assigned managers have access to the web portal and are authorized to make changes. Your team’s privacy and security are top priorities, and this process helps ensure that.

Want some instruction on how it works? We provide free training webinars and tutorials to help you get familiar updating the web portal! Please contact us here if you would like to reserve a time.

The iTeamz web portal is a powerful tool for taking control of everything that’s needed to manage youth sports. Find out all your team's mobile app has to offer.